Dell D600 Notebook, 4/23/04

First impressions:

PLASTIC CASING!  Even though they advertise a "trimetal" shell, the 
external case is /plastic/...ok, they actually list it as a trimetal 

How annoying.

"Lid" is very thin above/behind screen.  Any lite press on the plastic 
side of the lid shows through to the screen.

Still no scroll wheel of any sort for the touchpad/joypad.

Battery is under the left wrist, and tends to get hot there. (at least 
while charging..)

Docking station/Advanced Port Replicator DOES include a power supply,
PA-10 (in addition to powersupply included with notebook, PA-12, 65W)

Notebook includes normal cord for powersupply, plus plug to convert 
powesupply to a wall-wart.

Weight (with 4cell primary battery):
4.5lb empty modular bay
5.0lb w/ modular cdrom
5.5lb w/ modular battery

65W power supply w/ cords: 1.0lb
90W w/ cords: 1.0lb  (problem with scale?)

Touchpad is /much/ better then on the Inspirion whatever that we have 
floating around.